When it’s time for a change, painting the house is one way of livening things up. However, many homeowners often make the same mistakes when they take on a house painting project, even before they pick up the paintbrush.

We at Allburn Painting know that painting your house is a big deal. Our professional painters provide quality interior and exterior painting services so that you don’t risk making a mistake on your next house painting.

Here are seven common mistakes homeowners make when painting their houses:

  • Over-brushing. Brushing over the same area, especially after the paint has already started to dry, causes unsightly brush marks and ridges.
  • Spray painting without covering everything. Overspray from spray cans or a flailing paint brush can drift a long way and end up where it shouldn’t be, like a neighbor’s car.
  • Painting in extreme temperatures. Paint doesn’t bode well in extreme heat or cold. Paint can’t dry as quickly in freezing temps, and on hot surfaces, paint dries too quickly and bubbles up.
  • Bumping the ceiling with the paint roller. Blink once and you create a troublesome touch-up job for yourself.
  • Using the wrong paint. No matter how good the application is, the wrong paint can ruin the whole project. Choosing the right sheen, primer, and colors are essential to avoiding this problem.
  • Painting over a dirty surface. Rookie DIY house painters often forget to prep and clean before painting, which can lead to uneven surfaces.
  • Painting in low light. Painted surfaces might look fine at first glance, but once the lights are turned on, you’ll likely see thin patches and other imperfections. House painting requires bright or natural light.

Painting your home doesn’t have to be risky. Making the right choices beforehand will do wonders for the quality of your home. Make sure your home is done error-free by calling on our team for your next project. Contact Allburn Painting today for a free estimate.