We have all had that moment where we look at our home and think… I can totally paint this! It won’t even take more than a few hours.

Now, some of us have followed through on that attempt. And, after a whole weekend of painting, numerous fights with a spouse, and paint splatter all over the carpet, we decided it would have been tremendously easier to hire a painter in Charlotte!

As the owner of Allburn Painting in Charlotte, I highly suggest calling a painter before trying to paint even a single room in a house. There are a handful of reasons why, but there are a specific few I always share with my clients.

3 reasons a Charlotte homeowner should hire a residential painter instead of trying to do it themselves are:

  1. Tiny Details: The tiny details are where things get incredibly difficult. Painting a tray ceiling two different shades and not spilling paint is incredibly difficult. But, even when done correctly, it is extremely time-consuming.
  2. Cost: Everyone who chooses to paint their own home does so because they want to save money. However, most of us will have clean up costs that a painter would not have. Those cleanup costs, as well as all of the materials, typically ends up being close to what a painter would cost.
  3. Time: There is no way to get back the time, whether a few hours or a few days, that is spent painting. And trust me, once you get started and realize how much time it will take, it’s even harder to stop and call a professional painter.

Have you always wanted to paint a specific room in your home? Our team at Allburn Painting would love to come out and give you an accurate quote on how long it would take and how much it would cost. Give us a call today to get started!